2019 Trumpet Conference

November 18 Trumpet Day Info


Conference Info & Registration

Jens Lindemann

Jens Lindemann, trumpet

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Mass Trumpet Ensemble


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2019 Clinicians


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2019 Conference Clinicians

Jens Lindemann, headliner & clinician


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Ron Romm, clinician


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Dr. Cathy Leach, ITG President


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Prof. Larry Powell, conference host


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Chris Hasselbring, clinician

Chris Hasselbring, Brass for Beginners

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Group Warmup


Every trumpeter is welcome to this warmup session! We will start the day out right with a jazzy focus with the very awesome & cool iWarmup! 

2019 Conference Promo - Jens Lindemann

2019 Conference Promo Jen Siukola

Friday, March 8th - Trumpet Ensemble Festival - CANCELLED

Trumpet Ensemble

Application/Registration Process

Since this is a festival and not a competition there are very few guidelines for your group! We are hosting three separate divisions:

Division I - University Ensembles
*4 or more trumpets, no part doubling allowed

Division II - Intermediate and Advanced High School Ensembles
*4 or more trumpets, no part doubling allowed

Division III - Middle School/Young High School Ensembles
*3 or more trumpets - part doubling is allowed at this level.

Division IV - All-Ages

*4 or more trumpets, no part doubling allowed

*Each group may have a conductor, either playing or non-playing

1. For Middle School/Young High School groups, performance time is between 5 and 12 minutes. You may perform one or more works in this time frame so long as you do not exceed 12 minutes in total performance time. 

For High School, University, and All-Age ensembles, performance time is between 8 and 12 minutes.

You may perform one or more works in this time frame so long as you do not exceed 12 minutes in total performance time. 

2. Each group will have 25 minutes in which to enter the stage, perform, receive judges comments, and exit the stage.

3. Original works and transcriptions are welcome!

4. Each group must submit a legible score for each work to be performed.

5. Trumpets in any key (piston, rotary, natural/Baroque), flugelhorns, and bass trumpets (or valve trombones) are allowed. Anything other is highly discouraged.

How do I apply/register?
Submit your application via the link below. Your application along with a deposit will secure your performance and participation in the festival!

Apply/Register here

What Will The Day Look Like?

Each ensemble will have an opportunity to warm up comfortably prior to their performance time. For those groups performing early in the day, once they are done they can:
 -listen to the remaining performances
- visit the trumpet exhibits

 - participate in a trumpet ensemble reading session at 2pm
- make arrangements for a campus tour/visit (for middle school & high school groups).
Or, if you are an afternoon performing group you can:

 - arrive early to peruse the exhibits

 - participate in a morning reading session at 10am


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