2017 Conference Artists & Clinicians

Ron Romm


It looks like Ron is blessing everyone in this picture...and, he did! His clinic, just like the rest of his career, was a blessing to all of us! What a treat!

Aaron Romm


Wow! This apple didn't fall far from it's tree! Aaron is as amazing a musician as his father, AND he is just as gracious! 

Conrad Jones


Conrad is one smooth criminal. He showed why he is the new Principal Trumpet of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Wonderful person, wonderful clinic.

Scott Belck


Scott's clinic was terrific! Here he is showing us how we are to yell at our horns when all is not going well... ok, maybe not. Just buy his book on lip slurs and you'll be a better player.

Romm Family Trio


Ron, Aaron, and Avis closed the conference with a wonderful concert! Excellent playing, humor, and creative programming made this a truly memorable performance!